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How to manage categories on NetGo app?


In this article you will learn how to add missing categories on your Live TV and also how to manage, make appear or disappear certain categories.

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Follow this steps to add or remove categories on Live TV.

Step 1. Open NetGo app and Go to Settings

Step 2. Select “Servers”

Step 3. Notice that there is only one server selected on Top, Click on that.

Step 4. Hit Right button from Remote all the way to Categories button after 5-15 secs apprx loading it will load up all the categories.

Step 5. Now press Select All button if you want all the categories shown in Live TV or deselect the ones you don’t want. Same for Movies & TV Shows

Now after your done it’s auto saved. You can go back to Live TV and on the navigation menu you’ll notice your changes has been made.

If you need assistance in doing it you can always contact Live Support for help.

Thank you!

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