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How to Enter the Adult Channels on NetGo?


With Falcon TV IPTV you can spend quality adult time. However the adult channels and movies are locked by default to protect Family values. You can unlock the channels and also enter them with the Secret code. This tutorial will show you how you can do it.

Watch this video:

As the video shows you all you need to do is Go to a Adult channel from Live TV or Icon View, while entering it will ask you for pin. Press the Remote’s “Right” navigation button to enter each number (the pin is 0000) it will let you enter the certain channel. To switch to another adult channel you need to do the same, because that is locked too.

Illustrated steps:

In the Live TV Menu Scroll all the way down to Adults

Read “How to Quick Navigate with Live TV?”

Now select any Adult Channels and enter. Notice that there is a Lock Icon beside the channel name.

A prompt will pop up asking for a pin to enter the channel. Use the Remote’s “Right” navigation button to fill the numbers in the dialer.

Once you do it you are in the Channel viewing it.

How to unlock an Adult channel?

You can unlock an adult channel or movie permanently so that it doesn’t ask for a Pin each time you want to view it. The steps are simple

After entering a adult channel with PIN for first time, bring up the Preference menu by Remote’s “Right” or “Left” Navigation button

Then simply click on the PADLOCK icon which is outlined red.

Once you press the Red outlined icon, it will unlock the channel and turn into Normal, Grey/White just like the picture below.

Same process applies for Adult Movies that can be found under Movies Menu.

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