How to setup IPTV on IPTV Smarters App?

One of the nicest IPTV player apps which is stable is called IPTV Smarters. It does support both Android and iOS. Installing IPTV feed on this app goes through two methods, both easy but we highly recommend using Xtream Codes API. Below we`ll explain everything in details.


1-Open your app store and search for IPTV Smarters

2-Install the app and accept the Terms

3-On next page, click on Add User

4-Here we get on a two way road:

A-Load Your Playlist or File/URL

B-Login with Xtream Codes API


A-Load Your Playlist or File/URL:

A-1-After choosing this method, your device will ask you for permission to be able to load files. Approve.

A-2-Now on the next page you should enter values for the list you`re going to import. Choose a Playlist Name for it, the Type of importing (whether through a m3u file or m3u url) and then click Add User and thats it.


B-Login with Xtream Codes API:

B-1-At the moment, Xtream Codes API (Application Program Interface) is the most used IPTV API, allowing clients to have their IPTV channels, VOD and TV Series neatly separated in groups plus nice EPG outline. To input values on Xtream Codes API, we`re going to show you a simple example.

Ask for a M3U url from your IPTV provider. Like this:

Any Name: is what ever name you want your playlist have

Username: user1

password: pass2

And then it`s done.


Extended tutorial is also available here.