STB Firestick


Note:  Firestick is not a recommendation device for IPTV subscriptions, some of the function will not work and some of the channels may also not work on this device. We seen Audio issue, video quality  issue and no search option in Movies session. Please use this device at your own risk, I dont support, check FAQ for fine tunening.

Installation Steps

Before we proceed, please perform the below task:

Click Settings –> Click Device –> Click Developer options –> Click Apps from Unknown Sources to turn it on –> Click Turn On

1, Go to amazon app store, find downloader and install it

2, Start downloader and enter this url and click download – STBEmu(PRO) or go to (allow to update if asked)

3, Now go to applications >>> manage installed applications, and find stb emu (pro) and click launch application

4, you are done!

Follow the below steps:

1, Click menu button on remote and go to settings then to profiles

2, Click where it says new profile.

3… Go to Profile Name

4… Change the name to the IPTV Provider you are using.

Any Name can be give here..

5… Next go to Portal Settings

6… Click on Portal URL

7… Each IPTV service will have a unique Portal URL that needs to be entered. Enter that in here.

Change as per the Instruction we sent to you and URL we provided.

8… Next go to STB Configuration

9… Select STB Model

10… Select the MAG box Version to Emulate. The MAG box compatibility will also be from your IPTV provider. If in doubt select MAG 254 as it has wide compatibility.

11… Select Screen Resolution

12… Set the screen resolution to Auto unless you are sure about you TVs resolution.

13… Next Select MAC address

14… MAC address = Change last 6 characters for Ex : 00:1A:79:XX:XX:XX (This can be any number and characters only between a to f) and provide this to us while ordering Trial/Full version IPTV.

15… At this point click out and EXIT wait for our Welcome Kit.

Once you receive welcome kit, open STB Emulator and update the Portal address in Profile what you created, which has MAC address that’s been licensed to you, save and restart STB Emulator, you are in.

18… Reopen STB EMU which may take a few minutes to load up the new settings.

At this point it should be ready to stream videos.